Staying on Track
Staying on Track

Staying on track with OPZELURA

Staying on track with OPZELURA

Eczema is a chronic condition, so it's important to use OPZELURA as prescribed by your healthcare provider. Discontinue using OPZELURA when your symptoms resolve. You may have to use OPZELURA again if your eczema comes back.

Be sure to track your progress on your own, then share it with your provider at your next appointment.

Even though it can be hard at times to get an appointment with your provider, it’s important to continue seeing them regularly. In between appointments, you can track your own progress to make your next visit even more productive.

A few tips on tracking your progress:

  • Keep an eczema journal—jot down any symptoms, thoughts, and feelings
  • Mark off on a calendar when you apply OPZELURA twice each day (as directed by your healthcare provider)
  • Take weekly photos of the affected areas of the skin throughout your treatment with OPZELURA
    • Make sure the photo is in good lighting
    • Take the photo from the same angle each time
  • Try to bring your pics and notes to your next appointment
  • Enroll in IncyteCARES to get support throughout your treatment journey
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Teaming up with a dermatologist

When managing your eczema, it’s important to partner with your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider, especially dermatologists, have experience with eczema and understand treatment options available.

Talk it out. Together, you and your provider can discuss your treatment goals, determine if OPZELURA is right for you, and track your progress over time.

Have you heard of the Eczema Eight? This guide may help you prepare for your next conversation with your provider. The Eczema Eight includes eight questions that can help highlight the impact eczema has on you.

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Taking note of your loved one’s eczema and treatment progress can help you feel more confident in managing their condition.