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For many, OPZELURA may help provide clearer skin in 8 weeks and significant itch reduction

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Not a steroid, pill, ointment, or injection—OPZELURA is a cream

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A different kind of eczema treatment is here.


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Eligible* patients with commercial insurance may pay as little as $10 per tube for OPZELURA. See if you qualify for the OPZELURA Copay Savings Card today.

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Eligibility required. Individual savings limited to $2,076.50 per tube, $10,000 per year. For use only with commercial insurance. The card may not be used if you are enrolled in a government-funded prescription insurance program or if you pay cash for your prescription. Must be used for an FDA-approved indication. Additional Terms and Conditions apply. See full Terms and Conditions.

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The Eczema Eight guide features eight questions aimed at highlighting the impact eczema has on you. It can help you and your healthcare provider have a productive conversation about your eczema and treatment goals. Then, together, you can discuss if OPZELURA is right for you.

Please note that this is not a validated, official tool used to measure eczema severity or burden.

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IncyteCARES (Connecting to Access, Reimbursement, Education, and Support) is here to support you no matter where you are on your journey with OPZELURA. This program is designed to help you with coverage information, support or assistance you may need to get your treatment.

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